Will Cats Keep Rodents Away?

Cats can be an excellent human companion due to a range of reasons. They are independent, adorable, and have an incredible personality. However, there are other cat owners who will appreciate the presence of the cat due to their ability to hunt rodents. The frequency and the reason behind this cat’s habit can vary depending on the species. Generally, all cats have the skills necessary to hunt smaller animals.

Cats and Their Thrill on Hunting Rodents
Cats have retained their hunting instinct despite of being domesticated for more than thousands of years. The cats are simply designed to hunt animals that are smaller than them. Nonetheless, the cat will not necessarily eat its prey. This is perhaps because the animal will have sufficient food supply. Feral cats will mostly show this type of behavior.

Reasons Why Cats Will Chase Rodents
The feline creatures will chase the New York City rodents due to different reasons. Sometimes, they can be territorial and will defend their territory from unwanted visitor. In some cases, they will treat this as a game. The cats will regularly love to explore their hunting instinct. It is a great way to drain their energy and will help them remain alert. Another possible reason is that the cat is treating their prey as their trophy. They may also sometimes teach their babies how to hunt.

Will Cats Eat New York Rodents?
A cat chasing the rodent might seem like watching a cartoon that we love. However, once you realize the intention of the cats behind this, you will discover that this can be a grimy behavior. Fortunately, the mice will not always eat the rodent that it will chase. You will notice how the cats will release the captured rodent multiple times before capturing them once again. The cat will think more about the hunt than satiating their hunger.

The feral cats on the other hand are better hunters and will be more aggressive compared to the domesticated cats. However, unlike the house cat, they will not be able to turn down this meal. House cat will gladly chase upon the rodent and guard your house. There are instances when they will injure the rodent but will not eat them. Since the feral cat will not have a steady supply of food, they will gladly devour the rodent that they captured.

Will Your Cat Get Rid of Rodent?
Whether your cat is a skilled hunter, or not, they can help in managing the presence of rodent in your property. In fact, several studies suggest that even the smell of the cat can ward of these pesky critters. Some people will leave treats on areas where they like the cat to patrol. However, this can also attract the interest of the rodent. The better option would be to place the cat litter on places that are frequented by the New York City rodents.

Cats are your excellent companion especially if you have a rodent infestation. Consider adopting one in the animal shelter today.

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