Simple Ways to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Them

Mice appear fragile and cute but once they invade our house and contaminate our food, they become a nuisance. You will have to think of ways to keep them out of your house immediately. However, some of you are probably looking for a non-lethal solution. You probably don’t want to deal with the disposal of the dead mice since you know how laborious it can be.

4 Non-Lethal Method to Get Rid of Mice
There are different ways that you can use to avoid New York City mice infestation. From the proven-effective preventive measures to using trapping device, all the methods we will mention here will not cause unnecessary pain and suffering on mice.

Cleaning Your House
You will need to keep your house clean if you do not want to attract the attention of the rodents. Usually, the mice will visit your house to look for food. Once they saw an abundant and accessible food source in your house, they will probably stay. You should also clear the materials that they can use for their nest. Trim the grass and shrubs since they love to move to places that gives them lots of opportunities to conceal their presence. Rake the leaves and the fallen fruits. Your compost pit should be covered properly.

Using Droppings of the Predator
Another simple way to drive away the New York mice without exerting too much effort is to use the droppings of their predator such as cat. You can place the cat’s litter box close to the entry points of the mice. The dried feces of the rats can also be scatter all over your yard. However, if you think this is disgusting, you can use the dried feces of the snake instead. You can visit your local pet center or zoo and ask them for dried feces of snake. Just make sure that this will be beyond the reach of your pets and kids.

Adopt a Cat
If you still don’t have a cat, it is time to visit your local animal shelter. Let the cat handle your mice infestation problem. Familiarize yourself on the breed of cats, not all of them will have the necessary energy to chase these New York City mice. Since the cats are well-fed, they will not necessarily think about killing the mice but instead they will chase them.

Creating Barriers
For those who want a long-term solution, consider introducing a barrier against the mice. Seal the entry points using the appropriate construction materials. You may use a caulk or a spackle to block the hole. Check your doors and windows and make sure that there will not be enough gaps for the mice. You will have to check these entry holes regularly to ensure that it will remain sealed.

Finally, you can also hire the service of the professional wildlife removal company. They mostly employ humane solution that will not inflict unnecessary pain on the part of the rodent. They can also complete the decontamination of your property to keep you safe from the health hazards related with mice infestation.

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